Standard water recipe here.  Two atoms of hydrogen, one atom of oxygen in every molecule.

Ventura's Water Store - Yelp Review from Mikey C

What sets this place apart is, rather than merely filtering the city’s water, they have specialized machinery running around the clock actually distilling their own water.

Sometimes if you are one of the first customers in the morning the water is still a little warm.

It’s magical!

Mikey C says: bring your own bottle, or buy one here.

Mikey C, Yelp

If you have issues take it up with the owner! I have been going there for about 5 years and never had an issue with customer service – keep in mind these kids are probably getting minimum wage. I struck up a conversation with him a week ago regarding his latest move to Ralston & Victoria; We talked for 10-15 mintues, after hearing I just lost my job – he offered to pay for my four large bottles of water. This guys loves his little niche, and enjoys interacting with Customers. This latest move cost him alot of money. We all benefit having him close by.

Kevin Lavine, Google Reviews

I don’t like the taste of ordinary Ventura tap water since setting up residence in the county and I know I don’t like it as I can always tell the difference in restaurants with and without at least a water softening system. So I got a three gallon jug and a few years later another threefer happily filling them twice a week and drinking to my hearts content.

Three vehicles later and more than a few drops and dents the oldest jug sprung a leak so off to the water store I went. What a nice little business! Good selection of containers ranging in size and shape from 1-5 gallons and crocks to flip them upside down into. Different varieties of water also available but I just went with the reverse osmosis option.

The final star is strictly for customer service. I don’t care what you are selling but good service is always contingent upon knowing the product line. These two gentleman were great and I appreciate one took the time to lay out all the options and the other  rang up the purchase promptly and with a smile.

Kimmer S, Yelp

Best water I’ve ever had.

Randy Frazee, Google Reviews

Great tasting water!

Though living in Ventura is awesome,  the taste of the water simply is not.

The water here is just $.25/gallon and is open 24/7.

They are great at keeping the equipment sanitized and clean and, during the day have people inside the retail store available to help with any problems you may have. Drink up!

DC B., Yelp

This place has great customer service. And $1 Icee’s. Yum

Daniel Franco, Google Reviews

Been coming here since 99′ and it’s always been great service. Love their ice cubes and the water is always tasty. An affordable solution to water delivery. I fill up inside and keep my account filled about 100 gallons at a time to get a discounted rate.

Trust Me A., Yelp

We drive from Camarillo to this water store, it is the best. Clean and friendly staff and if you go along, like I do sometimes they will even carry the cart and put the water in your car. It is the best for water and they have bottles and caps whenever needed. I would not go anywhere else and I don’t mind the drive. thanks water store

Nancy Mauthe, Google Reviews

Just got off the phone with Steven at the Water Store, to set up water delivery for myself. He made the process super easy and answered all of my questions happily with a good sense of humor.  This bodes well!

Matt D., Yelp

What’s better than clean water? Nothing! Who has better customer service than Jason? Nobody!!! I highly endorse this business.

Eddie Wehmeyer, Google Reviews

Love this place. I’ve never actually been inside, just fill up my container at the machines. Fill-ups are a bit cheaper here than other places. Good tasting water too.

Barry S., Yelp

Great clean water and ice. Friendly wonderful helpful staff.

Leila Stephens, Google Reviews

These guy’s are just awesome!  Prices vary from company to company.  But customer service is fantastic.  Which is why I recommend it!

Just T., Yelp

My favorite thing about this store are the people working there. They all are super professional and candid. I wish more businesses were like this.

Lindsay B., Yelp

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