Ventura’s Water Store proudly offers high pH water through the use of specialized alkaline filters by QMP.

You can visit our store and purchase high pH Alkaline Water –  water for only .95 cents a gallon OR rent or purchase an amazing system for your home or office.

Here are some helpful and interesting facts from our friends at QMP

QMP - A cut above the rest - Ventura

The filter that we can add to any of our high quality Reverse Osmosis Systems!

QMP Filter - A cut above the rest - Ventura

The initial cost is $80 plus tax.
Please refer to our Reverse Osmosis Systems page for rental and purchase pricing!

QMP Inc. is a globally renowned water filtration specialist. We specialize in all types of custom water filtering systems, whole house water filters, water purification products, well water filtration systems, and industrial water filters. We offer top quality home water filters for all home sizes and budgets. As leading water filtration manufacturers and suppliers our water filtration systems follow strict environmental guidelines as well as meet several water quality certifications.